The Frenemy

I’m a bad blogger! I went to my writing group today and got so caught up in it that I entirely forgot that I hadn’t written a post until five minutes ago. So herewith a rather late edition.

I discovered The Frenemy last week and loved it. It’s sort of like a snarkier, funnier version of Jezebel, with female-centric posts. The site’s authors describe themselves as follows:

A network of girls (and mostly me, Alida) who are the urban normal: fashionable, confident, slightly alcoholic BAMFS who can take a freakin’ joke. We are not your Little Black Dress. We are not your Manic Pixie Dream Girl. We are somewhere in between. And we are NOT fabulous.

I have loved going through their archives and my favourite articles include 7 Movie Characters That Make People Terrified To Date Women, 25 Torture Ideas For The Saw Franchise: Ladies Edition, and How To Be: A Love Interest in an Action Movie, which includes the genius tip “you better spend a couple of minutes a day running laps in heels and punching yourself in the mouth”.

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