Sunset Park – Paul Auster

Paul Auster’s new novel Sunset Park is published on 4th November 2010. As one of the giants of American contemporary literature the expectations are understandably high. I have admired the way his publishers have engaged with social media and his Official Facebook Page is great. It contains extracts from two of his novels read aloud by the author and the first chapters of all of his novels available to read there too. I wouldn’t have thought that Auster’s readership would be users of Facebook but perhaps his publishers are trying to engage a new demographic and I applaud them for it.

In addition to that the graphic novel adaptation of Auster’s City of Glass has been released to PSP users. Again PSP users wouldn’t appear to be Auster’s main audience, but Henry Volans, Faber’s Head of Digital explains, “we like the idea of bringing in something unexpected”.

Check out Auster reading the first chapter of Sunset Park below.

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