Fashion Month is almost over

SS 2011 fashion week in New York, London and Milan are over and Paris is almost through. Here’s something to commemorate the passing of another great fashion month: parts 1, 2, 34, 5, 6 and 7. Welcome to your new catchphrase: “I’m not prepared to reveal my vibe.”

Here’s a clue as to what you’re about to watch.

Cheers. Thanks a lot.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Month is almost over

  1. queen michelle

    I’m so glad I never took a job in the fashion industry as I would have so ended up like Patsy – drunk and slutty!

  2. My entire family saw me the night before my sisters wedding holding two bottles of champagne and saying “we’re off to the hot tub”, roared with laughter and called me Patsy. *slight cringe*

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