Travis Barker and Yelawolf – Psycho White

Pic by Erik Voake

I’ve never been the world’s biggest fan of Blink 182 but I always rated their drummer, Travis Barker, who’s a bit of a percussion powerhouse. He recently collaborated with Alabama rapper Yelawolf and released an EP called Psycho White which I picked up on iTunes a few days ago.

The EP is a brilliant fusion of the two talents; Yelawolf’s rapid fire rhymes and Barker’s driven drums work really well together. There are a few genres in evidence on the 5 track EP; 6 Feet Underground (featuring Tim Armstrong) is a laidback slice of reggae, Push ‘Em features a fast tempo in the verses with some almost military style drumming, while Funky Shit has a more electro vibe with fat synths accompanying Barker’s drums. Definitely worth a listen…


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