Style Inspirations – Catherine Baba

Catherine Baba is an Australian stylist who lives in Paris, and I have recently spent large amounts of time drooling over her personal style on t’internet.  She seems to be influenced by the 1920s, the fashion of the Weimar Republic, and old Hollywood glamour, as can be seen from her make-up, long cigarette holders, and turbans.

I love Catherine’s commitment to her aesthetic and her flair for combining textures and colours.  I also admire the hell out of any woman who can cycle in 5 inch heels!

Catherine’s styling work is stunning and has been featured in Dazed and Confused, Paper Magazine and Above Magazine.  She has also styled advertising campaigns including one for a Moschino fragrance.

Catherine’s website still seems to be under construction and it appears that there isn’t that much information available on her online, apart from various fashion bloggers cooing over her (in much the same vein as this post!).  However I predict Ms. Baba will be a new style star in 2010.

(Photos via Jak and Jil, Facehunter)


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