12 Shoes for 12 Lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz

A friend of mine posted a link to my Facebook page last week which details these incredible shoes by Sebastian Errazuriz, a Chilean born, New York based artist who has been lauded by the New York Times, Sothebys, Vogue and Architectural Digest.

The collection is in collaboration with Melissa (the company responsible for the rubber Vivienne Westwood Anglomania shoes) and is entitled “12 shoes for 12 lovers“. The shoes are inspired by Errazuriz’s ex-girlfriends and lovers and he talks more about the story behind each work on the official site.

Of course I love the one called ‘Alexandra’ which looks like the wearer has just stamped in a puddle of milk, but there are some other incredible designs in the collection too. These shoes are works of art, to be displayed  in your home as much as worn.

For those of you in the US, the shoes are on exhibition until January 6th at the Melissa pop-up store at Miami Basel. The rest of us will just have to look at the full collection online!

'Cry Baby' Alexandra
‘Cry Baby’ Alexandra
'GI Jane" Barbara
‘GI Jane” Barbara
'Ice Queen' Sophie
‘Ice Queen’ Sophie
'Heartbreaker' Laura
‘Heartbreaker’ Laura

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