High Tops

I re-discovered an old pair of trainers last week; my custom designed black and white patent leather Nike IDs. Sometimes things get lost in my bedroom due to the fact that most of my stuff is in boxes in the shed and the rest is crammed into my small room in chaotic piles! Anyway I wore the Nike IDs twice last week and this reignited my love for high tops and made me think that silver high tops need to be a part of my wardrobe in 2012.

Of course Net A Porter have temptation aplenty, specifically in the form of Pierre Hardy and Karl. I was a bit underwhelmed by the Karl collection when it debuted last week. The colour palette was perfect for me (all black, white and silver) but having Karl’s likeness all over the clothes was a mistake and a lot of the fabrics looked cheap. In the end I only really loved this jacket (very Daphne Guinness), this jacket (very me), this vest (which I bought) and the trainers below. However the Pierre Hardy ones are much nicer, so in the battle of the trainers it looks like Pierre 1, Karl 0! (Click the pics to go through to Net A Porter)

Metallic leather high-top sneakers by Pierre Hardy
Metallic leather high-top sneakers by Karl

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