Dear Cindy Gallop, I want your apartment, Love Alex

Cindy Gallop is a former chairman of BBH US and a very successful branding and advertising consultant who has now turned her attention to creating and managing projects of her own. She launched MakeLoveNotPorn at TED2009 in an attempt to squash the myths of hardcore pornography and to explore how real people have sex. In my view it’s an excellent site and one everyone should read. In January 2010 she also launched IfWeRanTheWorld, a charitable web platform designed around the idea of good intentions whether personal or corporate.

Her Manhattan apartment is famous in interior design circles as it is a converted YMCA building; a fact which tickles Cindy immensely! I would happily move all my belongings in tomorrow and live there forever. It reminds me of a common refrain in my family when someone got something gorgeous – “when you’re finished with that can I have it?” (said in a pleading voice).

The black walls are a bold choice but warm rather than foreboding. It’s an open plan space, perfect for both parties and intimate gatherings, made all the more inviting by gorgeous lighting and beautiful fabrics. There are many designer items displayed as pieces of art, from a Chanel rifle, to a Gucci bicycle and rows and rows of Cindy’s enviable shoe collection. She has collected many trinkets on her travels and in this video she shows them in greater detail. Check out more pics of Cindy’s covetable pad on The Selby.

(All photos by The Behance Network)

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