Iris Apfel

In my earlier post this morning I mentioned Carmen Dell’Orefice, one of the world’s oldest working models, who is a shining example of timeless chic and style.

Another older woman whose style is a constant source of inspiration to younger generations is Iris Apfel. Apfel came to public attention a few years ago when the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC premiered an exhibition of her clothes and accessories entitled Rara Avis (Rare Bird): The Irreverent Iris Apfel. The exhibition was such a success that it has travelled to other museums in the US and a book has arisen as a result of it.

Iris’s style is maximalist; an entire ensemble made from leopard print velvet, enormous glasses, huge plastic jewellery, Bakelite necklaces, thigh-high YSL boots, feathers, leather, silks and satins. Her style is entirely her own, very outré, eyecatching and fun. I found a video of Iris below but for the full experience I recommend buying the book.

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