#readwomen2014: Will you do it?

I posted back in 2010 about the gender split in my library; I realised it was heavily in favour of men and so I tried to redress the balance, which I have done reasonably successfully so far, but it’s a task in progress! Consequently #readwomen2014 – a Twitter hashtag project started by Joanna Walsh – piqued my interest when I read about it a couple of weeks ago.

Joanna explains: “I started the Twitter hashtag #readwomen2014 after drawing some bookmark-shaped New Year’s cards showing some of my favourite female writers…When I posted photos of my cards on Twitter, a few people asked me to tweet the 250-odd names of female writers I had typed on the back…within minutes, women – and men – were adding their own favourites to the list. The meme was passed on until the list of names doubled, then trebled. This was something people cared about. It also felt as if they were having a lot of fun.”

I am wholeheartedly on board with #readwomen2014 and would urge any Multiverse readers to bear the project in mind when adding to their libraries this year.

Flavorwire have posted a handy list of fifty books by female authors, so if you want inspiration for your next book purchase, you could start there. Alternatively I’m listing some of the reviews of books that I have loved here, so you can visit my archives for some recommendations too:

I’m currently reading Eimear McBride’s A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing, which I intend to review on the blog soon; it’s a challenging but utterly original read so far. Look out for the hashtag #readwomen2014 for any books by female writers that I review on the Multiverse this year and let me know if you make any discoveries I should know about.