Edge Only

Edge Only is a new jewellery brand from Jenny Huston launched earlier this month. Jenny is most well known as a radio DJ and author and this is her first foray into designing. She explains her reasons for this new career direction:

‘I created Edge Only out of frustration. While out shopping, I would find a cool piece of jewellery that was gold or silver coloured, and then after wearing it for a while, the plating would wear off and the ugly base metal started to show through. That great ‘bargain find’ now just looked cheap and had to be thrown out or sent to the charity shop. So I decided to stop wasting my money on disposable costume jewellery and started looking for real, solid silver and gold replacements. Disappointingly, I found that most jewellers had luxury pieces that were suitable for black tie events and very large wallets, or the same old conservative, delicate, pieces. Where was the edge?! Where were the affordable cool contemporary pieces for everyday wear?’

As you can see from the pictures below and from the website, Edge Only is a brand that focusses on contemporary design; clean lines, both matt and polished finishes, rock and roll inspired items, and geometric statement pieces. Every aspect of production takes place in Ireland by highly skilled Goldsmiths and members of the jewellery trade and each piece is hallmarked, which is a guarantee of precious metal content; you won’t find gold plate, vermeil or gold fill in Edge Only pieces.

Edge Only collections are made with sterling silver, 14 carat gold and 18 carat gold as standard, but they can custom-make pieces in rose gold, white gold or platinum. Some of my favourites from the collection below. As always, click on the pics to be taken to the items on the original site.

Plectrum Pendant - €125.00
Plectrum Pendant – €125.00
ROCK pendant - €125.00
ROCK pendant – €125.00
Pointed Lightning Bolt Earrings - €80.00
Pointed Lightning Bolt Earrings – €80.00
Parallel Ring - €120.00
Parallel Ring – €120.00

Dollybird Design

I first featured Dollybird Design on the blog over three years ago and then again when I was lucky enough to be given one of their amazing rings by my sister. While browsing on etsy recently I had a look at the new items in their store and came across their preserved spider web pendants. The pendants feature a real spider web which has been set into pressed glass.

The idea may sound a bit macabre but then I’m the person who wanted to keep her wisdom teeth, have them dipped into sterling silver, and made into cufflinks, so I’m not exactly averse to odd jewellery. Anyway, spiders are considered to be good luck so a talisman around your neck must surely be a good thing.

Available, along with lots of other lovely pieces, from Dollybird Design on etsy.




Made Her Think

Meredith Kahn is the designer behind New York label Made Her Think which was launched in 2004 as a jewellery line and now has grown to incorporate handbags. The stunning pieces have been featured in magazines such as W, Marie Claire, Glamour and Vogue, and Kahn has collaborated with Rebecca Minkoff, Kimberly Ovitz and Yigal Azrouel, so suffice to say the brand has become a fashion force.

Kahn brings together many inspirations in her work, from Victorian mourning jewellery to Art Nouveau and Dia De Los Muertos. I particularly love the linked rings and bracelets and the range of insect jewellery from last year’s collaboration with Mandy Coon. Made Her Think is a brand with a wide price band, from €100 for a small simple ring to €2,000 for a diamond studded eternity ring.

It seems you can only buy Made Her Think online from the US (stockists here) but on the website it says a new shop is coming soon, so hopefully a full range of jewellery will be available (With free delivery to Ireland? I can but hope!).

madeherthink_lookbook8_spreads_Page_07 pg31 book04_07 MHT-Five FOF_layout3

Marquee Moon necklace
Moonshake Fly Ring
Eternity Diamond Rose
Jaws of Life Ring

(Lookbook images from Made Her Think. Individual pieces from Bona Drag)

Giles & Brother

Giles & Brother is a jewellery brand from Manhattan-based jewellery designer Philip Crangi and his sister Courtney. Launched in 2001 the brand is now stocked internationally and on sites such as Shopbop and Net A Porter.

Unusually for me, it’s not rings that I’m lusting after from this brand – it’s their amazing necklaces! They’re stand-out pieces, using metals and leather, and they have a heavy masculine quality that I love. They’re definitely showstopping and would be a great addition to elevate a simple outfit. My favourite is the Cortina necklace below which is $125 – definitely a reasonable price for a piece one would wear for years.

Braided Ring Necklace
Brass Braided Hex Necklace
Silver Cortina Necklace
Long Multi-Chain Archer Necklace with Pave
Cortina Snake Chain Necklace Silver

Ultimate Luxury at 1stdibs.com

My apologies for the Multiverse being quiet of late (look, a tumbleweed!) but I have been a very busy DJ and this combined with frantic writing means that the blog took a backseat. Anyway, back to the business at hand…

1stdibs.com is one of those websites that seems utterly pointless to look at; well, pointless if you’re me and you don’t have a squillion quid to squander on all manner of indulgent luxuries. The tagline says it all; “The most beautiful things on earth”. Even though I don’t have the stupendous bank balance that would be required to actually buy anything on 1stdibs I sometimes spend twenty minutes dream-shopping on the site, finding the whole process very relaxing.

What kind of things can you find on 1stdibs? Life’s essentials really; fine art, jewellery, furniture, haute couture and “fine homes” (read: palatial international retreats at eye watering prices). The site collates items from dealers, ateliers and sellers all over the world and acts as a hub for the übermonied to shop. There are also curated sections on the site such as the small collection of Elsa Schiaparelli items for sale to coincide with the Met exhibition or the gorgeous collection of monochrome pieces that I drooled over recently!

So seeing as my birthday is coming up and friends of mine have been asking me if there’s anything I want, I thought I’d post a few items from 1stdibs here as a kind of emergency panic buying list for them.* Click on the pics to go to the item on the site and cry with horror/laughter/despair when you see the prices.

1970s Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche striped silk blouse from Rare Vintage
1960s Geoffrey Beene dress from Shrimpton Couture
House of Vionnet Grecian dress from Marilyn Glass
1930s handpainted kimono from Shrimpton Couture
Rolex Submariner from Fourtane
Diamond and sapphire ring from Shreve, Crump & Low

*Don’t worry guys, I know I’ll be lucky if I get a card!

Cast of Vices

Cast of Vices is a US based jewellery and accessories label with a distinctly modern edge. Taking inspiration from contemporary society’s ills, the pieces are fashioned using lost-wax castings of cigarette butts, prescription pills and coke bags amongst other objects of addiction. I particularly love the hospital bracelet and the Marlboro necklace. Have a look at the entire collection here and see stockists here. Cast of Vices doesn’t seem to be stocked anywhere in Europe but if you’re headed Stateside it’s yet another reason to visit OAK in NYC.


Vicodin Necklace
Xanax Necklace
Marlboro Cigarette Butt Necklace
Hospital Bracelet
Fly Pin
"I ♥ NY" Bag in Lambskin Leather

A Perfect Piece of Jewellery

I have always loved the idea of having armour. I think chainmail is beautiful and it’s simply the natural evolution of my obsession with silver jewellery. The perfect iteration of jewellery as armour is Daphne Guinness’ collaboration with Shaun Leane called Contra Mundum – a diamond and white gold glove perfectly moulded to fit Daphne’s arm.

Not having the budget to commission such a piece for myself, I have often thought how much I’d love to get something made in silver, some kind of armour like wrist wear. I was browsing a friend’s tumblr the other evening and I came across this photograph, featuring something that fits the bill perfectly. I have no idea as to the provenance of the picture so if anyone recognises it please enlighten me. Otherwise I’m going to have to take this picture to a silversmith and see how much it would cost to make this as a bespoke piece. AMAZING!