Dinner For Five

Dinner For Five is a now cancelled TV programme, originally broadcast from 2001-2004 on the Independent Film Channel in the US. Jon Favreau is the host and each episode consists of him, with four guests, discussing their experiences in the entertainment industry, telling jokes and anecdotes and generally having the craic! Favreau conceived of the idea after he went out with some colleagues after a day’s filming on location and they sat around after dinner swapping stories. Favreau thought it would be great to do this with a revolving guest list of celebrities as it would give film fans the chance to see their favourite actors and directors in a more informal setting.

The complete list of guests can be seen on the show’s Wikipedia page and it’s certainly eclectic. It includes Hollywood boldface names such as Judd Apatow, Alec Baldwin, Colin Farrell, Seth McFarlane, and John Waters, and some more left-field people like Fran Drescher, Andy Dick and Marilyn Manson. They have dinner and chat until the camera film runs out and the dinner is then edited into a 25 minute episode.

I have watched a few episodes and they can vary in quality. Sometimes you get a loudmouth (although I adore his films) like Kevin Smith who won’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise and sometimes you get a legend like James Caan talking about sebaceous cysts!

Every episode is available to watch free on the Dinner For Five channel on Youtube and it’s a great resource for any film lovers out there. Here’s a taster. Enjoy!