Club Thing (RAC Remix) – Yoav

Pic by Lili Forberg

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of DJing at the Dundrum Town Centre Spring/Summer 2015 fashion shows. I’ve been working with the team there for five seasons and it’s always a lot of fun. Plus Colm Corrigan’s impeccable styling generally makes me want to spend my fee there and then!

I love researching tunes for shows, trying to find the perfect songs for the brief and the perfect tempo for the models. Dundrum shows happen on the mall and the audience ranges from two to eighty-two, so the music was fun with a summery vibe.

I usually end up with a shortlist of twenty songs and have to narrow it down to six. This tune was one of the ones that didn’t make it as it gets a bit heavy towards the end but I really like this RAC remix. It’s got an 80s electro feel, plus the ‘beautiful girl’ lyric would have really worked with models stomping the runway!

Alexander Wang x H&M

Once again I get the pleasure of working with H&M at the launch of one of their designer collaborations. Last year I DJed at the launch of Isabel Marant pour H&M, and on Thursday morning I’m taking to the decks instore at King Street for the launch of the Alexander Wang collaboration.

The video below shows a preview of what we can expect, and it’s heavily sportswear influenced; leggings, hoodies, crop tops, and technical fabrics. I can’t wait to see the clothes in person!

If you’re in town, come in and say Hi. I’ll be playing from 9am to 12pm.

Not Back Down – Acrobat

A few weeks ago I was asked by my friend Allen Doyle to be a part of a music video he was directing. I love collaborating with Al and was a guest on his radio show The Magic Number back in April. The video is for an Irish band called Acrobat and the single is called ‘Not Back Down’. Never having been in a music video before, I of course said yes. A week later I spent the day in Barberstown Castle with Acrobat, their mates and some great actors, having the absolute craic.

The video shows a gothic dinner party at a castle, where the host pours some suspicious looking liquid into people’s drinks, eventually turning his guests into reptiles. It was a fun shoot; we were dressed in amazing costumes, some people got to play with snakes, we drank wine and danced, and a fountain was set on fire! You can spot me towards the end of the video, dancing my ass off, and drinking some funny-tasting vino.

(Al also directed Acrobat’s first video for a single called ‘Follow You Down’. Check it out here – great performances from Jack Olohan and Sinead Watters.)

Acrobat’s next gig is on Saturday 4th October in Meeting House Square as part of Hard Working Class Heroes 2014, and you can buy ‘Not Back Down’ on iTunes.

“The Magic Number” on

Last night I had the pleasure of being a guest on “The Magic Number”, a weekly show on Radiomade. Radiomade is a website which focusses on promoting the work of budding producers, DJs, directors and bloggers based in Dublin city. Along with live streams which broadcast twenty four hours a day, Radiomade also features a podcast section, a blogs section and event info.

“The Magic Number” is hosted by Al and Jon Jon, two total chatterboxes who are both obsessed with music, film, and the arts in general. I had stacks of fun chatting to them so hopefully I’ll get invited back.

The show ran from 8pm until just after 10pm and the topics we covered, in no particular order, were as follows: the merits of ketchup, stag parties, Don’t Tell The Bride, guitars made from fireplaces, loud miming, Irish men being the ugliest in the world, Jediism, women proposing to men and the dating world in general, nightlife in Athlone, driving theory test, single parents, anger management, and flavoured condoms.

Tunes played include Black Grape, QOTSA, Jurassic 5, Supergrass, Gangstarr and Method Man.

You can have a listen to the show on the Radiomade website here or on Mixcloud here.

Boys messing
Boys messing
Al at work...
Al at work…
Jon Jon and me
Jon Jon and me

If (Kaytranada Remix) – Janet Jackson

Morning all and Happy New Year! Sorry for the blogging silence but I was very ill over Christmas with flu (not man-flu or a head cold, but proper doctor house-call viral misery) and am only just back on my feet. Anyway back to the business at hand…

I have worked with Harvey Nichols in Dundrum for about eighteen months and have loved gigging out there. I’ve done in-store beauty and fashion events, parties, and gigs in the bar. Since December the restaurant and bar have been under the management of Rock Lobster. It’s great fun: brilliant staff, awesome cocktails and a great crowd.

When I’m playing in my other residencies in Whelan’s and The Mercantile, the music policy is rock and roll; my first love so I’m always happy! In Harvey Nichols the music policy is different and so I play a lot more pop-remixes and electro and I love the chance to play other genres. Looking for new tunes to add to my repertoire, I went to the always-reliable Nialler9’s site to see his recommendations for best remixes of 2013. I found this gorgeous remix of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’ which I have been caning at home and at gigs. You can download it (legally!) for free here. Hope you enjoy!

Dream DJ Gig: Isabel Marant pour H&M launch

Today I finally get to share the exciting news I’ve been sitting on for a couple of months! On Thursday morning I get to play a dream DJ gig: the launch of Isabel Marant pour H&M. Obviously, for a fashion obsessive such as myself, this is one of those gigs one always hopes for!

I previewed this collaboration, and talked about previous H&M collaborations, on the blog when it was announced. Since then I’ve been scouring the internet regularly for lookbook images. (You can see the entire lookbook with prices here.) While it would be all too easy to blow my entire fee before I’ve even finished playing, I’m going to be sensible! Below are my three favourite items  and I’d say the jumper is the one I’ll buy; perfect for the freezingness of winter about to hit us. Luckily enough I’ll get a sneak peek on Wednesday in-store as I’d say the demand will be so huge, it’ll all be gone by 10am!

I’m playing from 9am-12pm in the H&M store on South King Street. I’m sure I’ll see a few familiar faces there so come and say Hi if you spot me!

White crochet top
Black and white jumper
Printed peasant blouse

DJ Stories – Part Three

(Third in a sporadic series of Tales from Behind the Decks. Here are parts one and two.)

I was DJing at a party a while ago when a woman came up and asked me to play Azealia Banks’ ‘212’. Of course I obliged as it’s a killer track and we chatted about how danceable it was. She then told me how she had thought that the lyrics were ‘I guess that lunch getting eaten’ and was corrected by her twelve year old daughter who laughed at her mother’s innocence. The horror! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the lyrics out.)

It got me thinking about misheard lyrics. Of course there are lots of sites on the web devoted to them like Kiss This Guy, which is a reference to Jimi Hendrix’s song ‘Purple Haze’ where he actually sings ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky’. Have a look at their all time funniest list which contains some gems. A famous one in this country is ‘Islands In The Stream’ which an entire generation of Irish people thought was a rallying union song called ‘Ireland’s Industry.

I’ve had some clangers in my time, and I reckon if anyone watched me when I was DJing they’d be sure to find out that I’m singing wrong lyrics to lots of songs. I honestly thought that in 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ he was singing ‘Go Charlotte, it’s your birthday’ until a friend pointed out that it’s fairly unlikely that Fiddy would have a mate called Charlotte and he’s actually singing ‘Go Shortie…’ As a child I thought that Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes were singing ‘the lift goes up where we belong’ which makes a lot more sense to a six year old. I was also convinced that the last lines of the chorus of ‘Brown Girl In The Ring’ were ‘she looks like a woman and she wears a bra’.

So what about you? Any major mistakes in your singalongs? Let me know in the comments. And for a laugh have a look at Peter Kay’s take on the situation – ‘just let me staple the vicar’!