Amongst the plethora of high profile Irish nominees at this year’s Academy Awards, a little-hyped Irish film won Best Live Action Short: Stutterer, written, directed and edited by thirty-two-year old Dubliner, Benjamin Cleary.

The titular stutter, Greenwood (Matthew Needham), describes himself as ‘a reclusive typographer, invisible to the naked eye, communication skills of an infant, excels in the art of self-pity’. Greenwood is a bookworm who is sharply intelligent and deeply frustrated by his inability to speak fluently. He has been messaging Ellie (Chloe Pirrie) for six months and their correspondence is verbose and witty, but when Ellie suggests meeting face-to-face, Greenwood is understandably hesitant.

Stutterer is a wonderful film, touching and funny, with quietly beautiful cinematography by Michael Paleodimos and a lovely piano score by Nico Casal.

Stutterer is now available to view on the RTEPlayer and I highly recommend it. A huge congrats to Mr. Cleary who will no doubt have Hollywood knocking on his door and a very promising film career ahead.



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