Hurt & the Merciless – The Heavy

The Heavy, the band that sound like they’re from New Orleans but are in fact from Bath, the band beloved of music supervisors everywhere, release their fourth studio album Hurt & the Merciless on 1st April 2016. Irish people might be familiar with their track ‘What Makes A Good Man’ from the Guinness ad, ‘Sapeurs’, which brilliantly depicts La Sape, the elegant dandies of Congo.


‘Since You Been Gone’ is the first single and the black and white video tells the story of a couple having a fight. (As a rather long aside, my jukebox brain tends to associate certain words or phrases with songs, like when I first downloaded the Hailo app and got the Foo Fighters’ song ‘Halo’ stuck in my head every time I used it. The title ‘Since You Been Gone’ has reminded me of the Kelly Clarkson pop hit, but I’m hopeful that repeated listenings to The Heavy will knock that on the head.)

I prefer the recent single ‘Turn Up’, which will be a stormer live and no doubt the soundtrack to TV shows in the near future. It has no official video yet but here’s the lyric placeholder.

So far, the two lead singles don’t indicate new territory for the band, but I’m still interested to hear the album. And when the vibe is this good, there’s something to be said for not fixing what’s not broken, right?


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