New Specs!

Just before Christmas I was contacted by Specsavers and asked if I would like to try out their prescription glasses service and perhaps choose a pair of frames, so off I popped a couple of weeks ago to take them up on their very generous offer.

I collaborated with Specsavers on a blog post before, when I was invited to try their contact lens service. Prior to that I had been getting my lenses from my regular optician but since I trialled Specsavers I have been using them exclusively. Firstly they’re almost twenty quid cheaper per month, and secondly, they have a great service where you can pay for your lenses by direct debit every month and have them delivered to your house.

I’ve been for a gazillion eye tests in my lifetime and I’m well used to the whole procedure (apart from the puffs of air in your eye – how does anyone ever get used to that?!). It was speedy and the optometrist was very friendly and thorough. When my eye test was complete the optometrist handed me over to a young man on the floor who gave me an opinion on the frames I tried on, then guided me through the lens options and overall pricing. As I’m very myopic with a high prescription, I opted to get the extra thin and light lenses.

Specsavers have a good selection of frames in different price ranges. If you want something avant-garde or outrageous a different optician’s might be your best bet, but I wanted a pair of glasses that I could wear every day, not something that would end up wearing me!

I found an FCUK pair that were exactly what I was looking for, black metal frames with tortoiseshell arms. The frames are lightweight and comfortable, the colour isn’t too heavy on my face and they’ll fit with my overall style without making a huge statement.

Once I had chosen the frames I was told I could collect the completed glasses the following day, which is pretty unbeatable in terms of efficiency. When I returned to pick them up, I tried them on in front of another optometrist, who made a few tiny adjustments to make sure that they were a perfect fit. I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and I love them.

And here they are, in all their brand new glory. New specs for a new year!


(This post is a collaboration between Specsavers Ireland and Alex Donald’s Multiverse)


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