Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats


Whenever I have people over to my house I always ask them to choose the music. I do a lot of that in my professional life so it’s good to hand it over to someone else while I’m preparing dinner or opening wine. Sometimes my guests raid my iTunes and play tunes I’ve neglected and sometimes they head for Soundcloud and introduce me to music I haven’t heard.

I particularly look forward to my mate Sinead coming over as it’s her business to discover new music. It’s also of course been her lifetime passion and we have very similar taste so I always get great recommendations when she comes over.

The last time she was here, she played Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats, an artist and album I hadn’t heard. She had seen the band live and been blown away.

The album opens with ‘I Need Never Get Old’, an old-school soul stomper with a big horn section. ‘S.O.B.’ starts with handclaps and backing vocals that sound like the forgotten track from O Brother Where Are Thou. The last track ‘Mellow Out’ ends with a Van Morrison influenced vocal refrain.

The disparate influences come together to sound somehow familiar but still have a distinctive musical stamp. Rateliffe’s vocals are seasoned and heartfelt and it makes for a feel-good vibe and great listening.




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