Stewie and Brian Forever!

My favourite Stewie and Brian frame taken from the episode 'Brian's Play'
One of my favourite Stewie and Brian frames taken from the episode ‘Brian’s Play’

Not being a morning person (or even an afternoon person) I like to start my day slowly: a pot of coffee and an episode of something before I’m able to communicate is the norm. I usually go for a classic sitcom, like Frasier or The Golden Girls, because they’re short and because starting the day with a smile is a good thing. Over the last couple of weeks I caught up on the latest season of Family Guy and then ended up rewatching my favourite episodes.

I adore the ‘Road To…’ episodes of Family Guy starring Brian and Stewie which are a parody of the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road To… classic comedy films. Every detail is brilliantly executed, from the theme music (all big-band horns and bluster) to the individual scenes in the opening credits (and if anyone ever wanted to buy me an art print, one of the original frames from the opening credits of any of these episodes would be treasured forever!).

For those of you who haven’t seen Family Guy (really?!), Brian is a talking anthropomorphic dog who is also a frustrated writer and alcoholic. Most of the time he comes across as jaded and bitter, but he’s prone to endearing dog-like behaviour like wagging his tail when someone pays him a compliment. Stewie is the perpetual baby (fourteen seasons later and he’s still a toddler) who is hellbent on violence towards his mother and also pathetically dependent on her. He’s almost sociopathic and exceptionally intelligent, with an inexplicable English accent, a plethora of homemade weapons at his disposal and a penchant for time travel.

Stewie and Brian band together, finding in each other kindred spirits despite their differences. Stewie’s speech to Brian in the episode ‘Brian and Stewie’ confessing how he really feels about him is one of the best descriptions of friendship I’ve ever heard: ‘You’re the only one who makes my life bearable…I love you as one loves another person whom one can’t simply cannot do without…You give my life purpose and maybe that’s enough because that’s just about the greatest gift one friend can give another.’

Here are some of my favourite Brian and Stewie moments. Enjoy!

One thought on “Stewie and Brian Forever!


    LOVE stewie and Brian !!!!!!! Best love story out there!!

    Stewie is such a little pyscho. Love him x

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