House of Hackney

I have a couple of small chairs in my house that need to be recovered and I have been searching for upholstery fabrics online. A friend of mine (with impeccable taste) introduced me to House of Hackney, a British company founded in London in 2010 by  Javvy M. Royle and Frieda Gormley. Their aim was ‘to take the beige out of interiors’, and create high quality fabrics with an emphasis on original prints and design. Since their launch they have branched out into fine china, furniture and bathroom accessories.

The design collections range from straightforward stripes, whimsical animal prints featuring storks, monkeys and sloths, through to ferns, bright tropicals, and vintage inspired florals. I have fallen wholesale in love with the House of Hackney aesthetic and am definitely purchasing some of their fabric for my chairs. The fabrics are expensive, as befits the quality, but they make a design statement and are perfect for a small item of furniture or a pair of blinds. (And when I eventually have a very large house, I’ll definitely be using the Tarovine Midnight wallpaper for my dining room.)

PAMPAS wallpaper
PAMPAS wallpaper
HACKNEY EMPIRE wallpaper and sofa fabric
HACKNEY EMPIRE wallpaper and upholstery fabric
PALMERAL upholstery fabric
PALMERAL wallpaper and upholstery fabric
TAROVINE upholstery fabrics and LONDON STRIPE wallpaper
TAROVINE upholstery fabric and LONDON STRIPE wallpaper

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