Now that we seem to be firmly into summer (hello sun!) I have done an inventory of my summer wardrobe and found it lacking in a few departments, one of which is lingerie. Of course I’m always up for buying more frillies but I’d specifically like to add a couple of brightly coloured sets into my current arsenal. (I’m sorry. I can never resist using that word when describing my lingerie collection!)

Claudette are a lingerie and swimwear brand currently stocked on ASOS which is where I came across them. The collection has a comprehensive range of sizes (right up to a G cup) and they specialise in bright eye-popping colours. The pieces are made from fishnet and mesh so they have clean lines that won’t show up under sheer summer tops. Best of all they’re mid-priced so you could easily splurge on two sets and not be wracked with guilt. I’m in!

Fishnet Set in Turquoise and Black
Dessous Set in Blondie and Hot Coral
Dessous Set in Parma Violet and Concrete
Dessous Set in Hot Coral and Concrete
Fishnet Scoop Set in Hot Coral and Blondie

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