May Random Round-Up

I love Black Key’s new single “Fever” and the video directed by Theo Wenner, is a cheesy take on televangelism which really suits the sleazy seventies vibe.

Am very excited by the news that Dave Grohl has teamed up with HBO for a forthcoming TV series centred on famous recording studios. HBO must have taken notice of Sound City, the brilliant documentary that Grohl directed which I loved! The HBO series is set to premiere later this year in the US.

For anyone in need of hours upon hours of reading material, here’s Conor Friedersdorf’s picks for must-read nonfiction from 2013. Numbering over 100 pieces of first-rate journalism, it’s definitely worth bookmarking.

Classic scenes from literature made from Lego. Just click it.

Unhung Hero is one of the more random things I’ve watched on Netflix recently. The documentary stars Patrick Moote, star of a very embarrassing viral video, who embarks on a journey to find out if he has a small penis. Patrick lets it all hang out and the results are cringe-worthy, endearing and very funny.


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