Tom Ford’s Style Makeover with GQ

I came across this magazine article from November last year in GQ and I thought it was worth sharing in case any male readers are interested. After all, I never post for you guys on Tuesdays; it’s nearly always shoes and jewellery!

Tom Ford, one of the most stylish men in the world in my opinion, was asked by GQ to makeover eight men. His first question to each man was where they saw themselves professionally in ten years, and he then based his advice and style suggestions on their answers. I have posted the best one here but I reckon you boys should click on the link and see all of them. Whether or not you would personally dress in this way, it just goes to show how much clothes can completely transform how others see you which is important no matter what your chosen career.

You can also have a look at Tom’s grooming suggestions for men at this link. I reckon they’re worth noting when you bear in mind the miracles he performed on the men in the article (especially Konrad pictured below, who goes from looking like a slob to a very sharp handsome man purely by way of a haircut, a beard trim, and some styling wax)!

Konrad - Before
Konrad – Before
Konrad - After
Konrad – After

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