The Dodo

The Dodo has only been online for a couple of weeks but already it has become one of my daily reads. It’s an animal focussed site with a broad range of articles and some fabulous photography. They explain the reason for the name as follows: “We’re resurrecting the dodo – a mysterious bird we drove into extinction nearly 400 years ago – to remind us of just how great our impact on animals is, and to inspire us to get it right this time.”

The site has an experienced team on board; the co-founder and editor-at-large is Izzie Lerer, daughter of Buzzfeed co-founder and Chairman Ken Lerer, who was also instrumental in launching Huffington Post and, Kerry Lauerman, The Dodo’s editor in chief and chief executive, was editor at Salon.

The articles range from topical news items such as this one on Blackfish (the documentary I posted about last week), to scientific articles such as the recent one on saving sloths, and heart-warming stories such as this one about firefighters saving a freezing labrador. One of my favourite articles was this first-person story on rescue dogs.

The Dodo also has a community feature that you can join and then upload your personal stories, photos and videos. The editors will choose their favourites to be featured on the main site.

It’s definitely a site to dive into for a few minutes on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

Photo from Stanley Coren's post on dog intelligence. (The Dodo)
Photo from Stanley Coren’s post on dog intelligence. (The Dodo)

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