Friday Syndrome Vol. II – Sunken Foal

Dunk Murphy, AKA Sunken Foal, is one of the most talented electronic music producers working in Ireland and I have long been a fan. I blogged about his album Friday Syndrome back in 2012 – it was one of my favourite records of that year and I caned it in my house. At the end of last year he released the follow-up Friday Syndrome Vol. II and this release is accompanied by editioned generative 50cm x 70cm prints and t-shirts.

The majority of the tracks are taken from a project where Dunk would set aside Friday evenings to write a track from scratch and send it to a bunch of friends. Crunchy beats, clockwork guitars, vocal fragments, muddy chords and sci-fi bleeps all feature. My favourite track is “Cash for Gold” which uses a gorgeous guitar line and juxtaposes it with more Eastern influenced strings and vocal hooks.

The album is available to buy on BandCamp for the princely sum of €5 and I recommend it highly!


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