If (Kaytranada Remix) – Janet Jackson

Morning all and Happy New Year! Sorry for the blogging silence but I was very ill over Christmas with flu (not man-flu or a head cold, but proper doctor house-call viral misery) and am only just back on my feet. Anyway back to the business at hand…

I have worked with Harvey Nichols in Dundrum for about eighteen months and have loved gigging out there. I’ve done in-store beauty and fashion events, parties, and gigs in the bar. Since December the restaurant and bar have been under the management of Rock Lobster. It’s great fun: brilliant staff, awesome cocktails and a great crowd.

When I’m playing in my other residencies in Whelan’s and The Mercantile, the music policy is rock and roll; my first love so I’m always happy! In Harvey Nichols the music policy is different and so I play a lot more pop-remixes and electro and I love the chance to play other genres. Looking for new tunes to add to my repertoire, I went to the always-reliable Nialler9’s site to see his recommendations for best remixes of 2013. I found this gorgeous remix of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’ which I have been caning at home and at gigs. You can download it (legally!) for free here. Hope you enjoy!

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