The Multiverse offers a book recommendations service for your Christmas pressies!

I have always given books to friends and family at Christmas, and going to Hodges Figgis to do my Christmas book buy is a pleasure. I generally have an idea of the books I’m going to get for people – things that have occurred to me throughout the year – and I’m always excited to introduce someone to a book they’ll love. Plus supporting Irish businesses and Irish writers is obviously a cause close to my heart. Perhaps you’re also thinking of including some books in your present shopping. Maybe you already know exactly what you’re going to buy but on the off-chance you don’t, I have a couple of ideas.

I often review books on the site and if you’re looking for inspiration you could trawl through the archives and see what you find. But that’s a mammoth task and you have better things to do, I’m sure. You could also look over the book gift guides I posted last year, and in 2011 and 2009.

Or here’s another idea…

You could leave a comment below, or email me (address here), and ask me for specific recommendations. Perhaps your mother loved Maeve Binchy’s books and would like something similar to get stuck into. Or maybe your Dad doesn’t really read much (I think everyone likes to read; they just have to find the right book) but he loves restoring old cars, Irish history and cats (I’ll find something!). Or maybe you’ve fallen in love this year and you’d like to give your sweetheart a beautiful book (and of course, you’ll write a special note on the inside cover. This is partly why Kindles will never replace actual books.). Whoever the person, whatever your dilemma, I’ll do my best to sort it out.

This little kid is obviously not on my wavelength.

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