Every Girl Needs New Winter Boots

I have been unbelievably restrained when it comes to buying clothes and shoes this year, mostly because I have had bugger all cash! It’s been very hard for someone who loves clothes as much as I do to have to eschew all shops but the party season is upon us which hopefully means I will have stacks of gigs and a wee bit more disposable income. If that happens, one of the first things I will buy will be a much needed pair of new winter boots.

I have bought shoes from All Saints before and the quality is excellent so I had a little window shop on their site recently and found three pairs that would do nicely! The Kara heels are a luxurious evening shoe in my two favourite colours, the Kapital boots are a functional yet stylish pair suitable for day and night, and the Jonas boots are always going to be a winner, given that they’re black and silver and have a great height heel for every day wear. Click on the pics to go to the items on the All Saints site.

"Kara" Pony Skin Heels
‘Kara’ Pony Skin Heels
'Kapital' leather boots
‘Kapital’ leather boots
'Jonas' leather boot
‘Jonas’ leather boot


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