Ruby Jewels by Emma Taylor

I was in Dundrum Town Centre a couple of weekends ago, DJing at their “Fall for Fashion” catwalk shows. A member of the Dundrum team was wearing a gorgeous ring and, being the magpie that I am when I comes to jewellery, I immediately wanted to know where she bought it. She directed me to Ruby Jewels, a range designed by Emma Taylor.

Emma Taylor is an Irish jewellery designer with over fifteen years of experience and she is registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland (where I had my summer job throughout school and college, trivia fans!). Her jewellery is limited edition and handmade and she also offers a commission service, which is pretty wonderful if you’ve ever dreamed of a piece of jewellery you just can’t seem to find.

The ring I first fell in love with was the Poppy ring, pictured below, a ring comprised of silver wire secured with a rose gold bar. This ring has now made it to the top of my lust list and I hope to buy it in the New Year (once the bonanza of buying pressies is over!). There are tons of other lovely pieces on the site from necklaces to cuffs and Emma also offers a Bridal range.

My only criticism of the site is that some of the photography doesn’t do justice to the quality and design of the pieces. Given that they are in precious metals and therefore aren’t exactly cheap, a range of detailed photographs, especially showing the pieces on a model so the customer can see the scale of the piece, would be very helpful. There doesn’t seem to be a showroom where you can see the pieces in person so I guess you would be taking bit of a punt if you ordered something but the customer service seems to be good so hopefully if you weren’t happy, a return would be no problem.

Click on the pic to be taken to the items on the site and have a look at the Ruby Jewels Facebook Page here.

"Poppy" ring
“Poppy” ring
Ruby Jewels Lily Ring web size
“Lily” ring
Poppy Red Horse Leather cuff
Poppy Red Horse Leather cuff
Zebra cuff
Zebra cuff
"The Shirt Collar" rhinestone and silver neckpiece
“The Shirt Collar” rhinestone and silver neckpiece

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