Think Pink!

Pink coats are a definite trend this season. Everyone is doing them, from Primark and Marks & Spencer to Joseph and  Vivienne Westwood. It’s not a trend I’m going to buy into for two reasons: pink coats will be EVERYWHERE and I don’t want to see twenty people on Grafton Street wearing the same coat as me, plus I reckon a pale pink overcoat will need a lot of dry-cleaning when you consider the rain and muck in this country.

However I have been thinking how much I would love a pink dress. I don’t often wear pink or very bright colours in general, but the approaching winter and the months of greyness we will have to endure means that I need something cheerful to add to my wardrobe.

I think that this obsession may have been kick started by the Acne ‘Baby’ dress that I never bought but fantasised about for months. I have been trawling the net to see what I can find and the four below are my best picks. (Click on the pictures to be taken to the item on the original site.)

Ralph Lauren has a pink suede dress which is stunning but highly impractical. (Any woman who buys a suede dress in Ireland would need to employ someone to follow her around with an huge umbrella 24/7.) Good news? It’s on sale! Bad news? It’s still over 600 quid.

Ralph Lauren 'Erica' dress
Ralph Lauren ‘Erica’ dress

Carven’s 2013 AW collection contains a candy pink taffeta dress that is timeless. This dress would make me happy every time I wore it. Plus it’s a similar shape to many dresses I already own so I know it’ll work on me.

Carven taffeta dress

Nina Ricci’s silk and velvet dress is the stuff of dreams, but given that it’s almost 4 grand my dreams are where it will stay! But I urge you, even though you probably don’t have the price of a small car to spend on a frock, to click the picture below and watch the video of the dress on Matches. It’s heavenly!

Nina Ricci velvet and lace gown
Nina Ricci velvet and lace gown

Finally, here’s an affordable one, just to prove I know what affordable is. This shocking pink crepe number from Topshop might be the one that ends up in my wardrobe. (I’m crossing my fingers for a mini-windfall so I can buy the Carven one though!)

Topshop long sleeve crepe shift dress

And lastly, here’s the song that inspired the title of this post. Film trivia fans, take note: Miss Prescott from Funny Face was based on fashion legend, Diana Vreeland.


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