Reflektor – Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire has released the first single from their upcoming fourth studio album Reflektor which is produced by ex-LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. Murphy’s production stamp can certainly be heard on this almost eight minute long single, which is more electronic than previous Arcade Fire offerings. The band also collaborated with David Bowie who contributed backing vocals on this track.

Win Butler reports that Reflektor will be released as a double-album to accommodate the fact that many of the tracks are over seven minutes long. Based on this single I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Arcade Fire evolve their sound with each record, never happy to just play it safe, and that’s a quality I love.

The music video directed by Anton Corbijn is shot in his signature black and white, and features the band in huge papier-mâché heads dancing around a coffin filled with dolls, a guy in a silver mosiac suit and mask, and a giant disco ball amongst other oddities.

There’s also an interactive film that must be watched on Google Chrome and the whole process, as detailed in this great piece on The Atlantic, seems like a bit of a palaver, so I will put up my hands and say I haven’t watched it. If anyone has, please report back on whether it’s all worth it!


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