By Kilian

On my recent wander through Brown Thomas, I noticed that they have a number of new fragrance ranges in this season, one of which is By Kilian. The perfumier is Kilian Hennessy, grandson of one of the LMVH founders, the world’s largest luxury conglomerate. Kilian clearly has the family pedigree for a career in luxury fashion and beauty, and he augmented this with apprenticeships in the perfume houses of Paco Rabanne, Dior, McQueen and Armani. Kilian launched his own perfume range in 2007 and this is the first time it has been available for sale in Ireland.

The sales rep in Brown Thomas (a wonderful and knowledgeable Frenchman whose name, to my shame, I never asked), noticed me lingering at the display. He asked my preferences with regards to scent (always oriental or woody, never floral and especially not ozonic) and then selected two for me to try. Incense Oud was the clear winner. Perhaps it’s the recovering Catholic in me, but I have always loved the smell of church incense, and this combined with the clear and fragrant oud (otherwise known as Agarwood) is addictive.

By Kilian fragrances come in gorgeous packaging: a hard black case lined with black velvet enclosing a simple chic glass bottle. The travel spray is a dinky, Art Deco influenced, silver or gold tube which would be a decadent addition to any handbag. As By Kilian is a luxury brand, the prices are in the same range as the Tom Ford scents, i.e. around €150-300.

I have written before about my history in perfume and my Goldilock’s style mission to find my perfect fragrance. By Kilian has some gorgeous and unique fragrances but by far my favourite is Incense Oud, which I think will become my new signature scent.



2 thoughts on “By Kilian

  1. David power

    Yes these are great fragrances,I discovered them about a month ago .Eric the charming French gentleman guided me through the brands beginning and told me stories if each fragrance and composition. I was so excited when hec introduced me to my husbands new fragrance A taste of heaven . This is a range everybody should should try and may I compliment you on your fragrance pick.x.x.x

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