My Jukebox Brain Strikes Again

I have written before about the annoyance that is my jukebox brain. I had ‘Jingle Bells’ stuck in my head all day about three weeks ago. Yep, a Christmas song in the middle of August. Then there was the time I had ‘Officer Krupke’ from West Side Story stuck in my head for six weeks about three years ago. Six effing weeks! As you can see, the jukebox is random, seasonally inappropriate and utterly baffling.

So now to the song that has been haunting me for a week. This one maybe isn’t so strange when you listen to the lyrics. This time, my brain is telling me something I already know! I found a nice version by Dianne Reeves which I’ve posted here.

‘I do not ask for bliss I guess, it all boils down to this I guess,
I just want money and then more money and loads of lovely love’

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