Lazy late-summer listening.

80% of the time in my professional life I play party tunes. When I’m DJing, I’m there because people want to dance so I play upbeat rock and alternative songs. Therefore when I’m at home I tend to listen to entirely different music: a lot of jazz and hip-hop, and chilled-out stuff so my ears can have a break.

So today I decided to put together some tunes I listen to at home. This is a chilled-out playlist – stuff to listen to in your car, or while you’re sunbathing, or when you’re having a glass of wine after work. Nothing too hectic, nothing that requires glowsticks, or lighters in the air, or any effort on your part at all really!

There are some oldies like Drinking in L.A. by Bran Van 3000 which reminds me of the summer of 1999, and Make it Wit Chu (2007) which is one of the sexiest songs ever (or maybe that’s just because I fancy Josh Homme). And of course there are some newer tunes, like Father John Misty’s (which I adooooore!) and Fairytale Lullaby which sounds like either music for a hippie love-in or a very sweet children’s lullaby (I’m opting for the latter).

Hope this fills a gap in your summer listening!

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