New singles vs old classics

A weird thing can happen when you’re DJing (well lots of weird things but today we’ll focus on one!): when it comes to beloved bands, punters generally want to hear the classic songs and not anything new. It can take months for a new single to have percolated enough into the public consciousness before I can play it at a gig and people dance. For example the new Vampire Weekend song Diane Young which was released back in June still isn’t getting a big reaction at gigs, but when I play A Punk which is five years old, people dance like crazy. You’d think people would get sick of hearing the same tunes and want something new, but apparently not.

The most recent example is Kings of Leon. I played the new single, which I really like, twice over the weekend and no-one recognised it, despite Caleb Followill’s very distinctive vocals, or seemed to like it very much. When I played Sex On Fire the place went mental!

Anyway have a listen to their new single Supersoaker, for which they don’t yet have an official video, and see if you like it. I’m going to keep playing it at gigs and hopefully people will recognise it soon!

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