Child’s Own Studio

In the last year three of my close friends had babies and I also gained a nephew. I love hanging out with all these baby boys – they’re so much craic and would bring a smile to anyone’s face. When I saw Child’s Own Studio I knew that I would be contacting them in future for kid’s presents as these are just so unique and fun.

Wendy Tsao created Child’s Own Studio in 2007, after making a softie toy based on a sketch that her four year old son was constantly drawing. When her son saw the toy, he recognized it immediately and loved it so much that Wendy saw a brilliant business opportunity. She began a business making softies based on children’s drawings and since then has custom made around 400 soft toys,  each one as unique as the child that drew it.

If you’d like to get one of these for a child you know here’s the pricing and FAQ on Wendy’s site and here’s a link to the full gallery of Wendy’s work. Some pics below. I almost wish I was a kid so I could get one!

Picture 1Picture 2

Picture 3Picture 4

Picture 5Picture 6


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