Passarella Death Squad

As I said before I need to add more t-shirts to my summer wardrobe. The ones I have are starting to get a bit raggy and shabby and really should be used as dusters! Plus the evenings are getting warm and I need lightweight tops for DJing.

I have a particular Passarella Death Squad t-shirt that I got years ago and have worn to death as I loved the graphic print on the front. I have been checking them out online to see the new collection and was interested to see that they have now branched into sweatshirts, jeans and jackets as well as their signature tees. The “For All Tomorrow’s Parties” sweatshirt is right up my street as is the Donald Duck t-shirt (my surname should tell you why!). For info on where to buy, check out the Passarella Death Squad Facebook page.

"For all tomorrow's parties"
“For All Tomorrow’s Parties” Sweatshirt
Stadium Jackets
Stadium Jackets
"Girl Licking Gun" T-shirt
Girl Licking Gun T-shirt
"Kempes" NY Tee
“Kempes” NY Tee
Donald Duck T-shirt
Donald Duck T-shirt
I Love NY T-Shirt
I Love NY T-Shirt

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