Atelier Randall

I’m always a fan of any girl called Alex and Alex Randall recently joins the list! Alex is an award winning British designer who creates lighting so unlike anything else I have seen that I think it’s more like art. Randall’s works range from large bespoke chandeliers for commercial and residential projects to smaller collectable items which can be bought on her site Atelier Randall.

The site features Bakelite phones seemingly suspended in mid-air and illuminated, a light installation featuring 23 taxdermied pigeons which appear to lift a spiny steel orb into the air, a chandelier made from antlers (a chandelantler?), and a rawhide replica of Winged Victory of Samothrace, a celebrated sculpture in the Louvre. A lot of the pieces require that one live in a castle or massive New York loft, or a similarly enormous and imposing space, so a girl in a cottage in Stoneybatter can only admire them from afar!

Loudhailer Chandelier
Loudhailer Chandelier
Bakelite Pyramid Phone Lamp
Bakelite Pyramid Phone Lamp
The Carriers
The Carriers

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