Soundtrack to Summer

Hang onto your sunhats folks because it looks like summer has arrived in Ireland! Now it may only last a few days as we all know so in order to make the most of it, let’s get a summer soundtrack together. Seems like Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is going to be the sound of the summer 2013 but what about other older tunes? Below are some of my favourites. Let me know yours in the comments!

Firstly here’s Feel Good Hit of the Summer by Queens of the Stone Age.  (The lyrics are way easy to learn by the way.)

Here’s one for the Leaving Cert. students. Only a few more days to go guys!

And now for something completely different. Peaches by Krafty Kuts and A. Skillz from the genius 2003 album (as in if you don’t have it, buy it now!) Tricka Technology.

And lastly, a classic. Summertime by Miles Davis from his album Porgy and Bess.

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