La Bougie Review

You may remember a couple of months ago I posted about La Bougie, a company in Cork that makes hand poured scented candles. Well, they contacted me and kindly asked if they could send one of their candles to me for review. I received the candle in the post last week, beautifully boxed and packaged in La Bougie black and white tissue paper. The candle is Honeysuckle and Sea Salt scented; perfect for me as honeysuckle is one of my favourite floral scents.

I immediately installed the candle in my living room and lit it that night. I am pleased to report that it burns well and the scent is elegant and subtle, nothing too headache-inducing or cloyingly sweet. I have had a couple of visitors to my house in the last week and both have commented on the beautiful fragrance. The candle retails for €19.95 and the brand is stocked at Arnott’s in Dublin and 45 other retailers across Ireland.

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