What to wear when you work from home

I spend a lot of time working from home and sometimes it can be difficult to stop procrastinating and actually get to work. There are three things I have found that help with this problem.

1. Making my bed as soon as I get up to make coffee. This sounds silly but it has a psychological impact in that it signifies time spent in bed is over and the day has started. I’m more likely to take the coffee to my computer and work, rather than take it back to bed!

2. Having an office. Having a room dedicated to work, where you can close the door and leave behind all distractions (including my phone and the computer that’s connected to the internet), is highly recommended.

3. Getting properly dressed. I find that if I slouch around all day in leggings and a jumper thrown over whatever I slept in, I feel like slob and it depresses me. I don’t put on a full face of make-up for a day spent at home, but I do take the time to select an outfit that I like and makes me feel good.

I have been looking for some stylish sweatshirts (a fashion oxymoron?) to wear with trousers or jeans around the house. It’s an easy and comfortable way to dress but if you accessorise the basics with lovely lingerie and some jewellery, it’s amazing the effect it has on your mood. I have found two sweatshirts that I have fallen head over heels with, both of which coincidentally have an ironic take on a fashion icon.

The first is the Homies sweatshirt from Brian Lichtenberg. It’s an irreverent take on the classic Hermes logo and it makes me smile! The second is the Aint Laurent sweatshirt from What About Yves. It’s obviously a reference to the recent decision by Saint Laurent’s designer Hedi Slimane to drop the “Yves” from the brand name and logo. Click on the pics to be taken to the items on the original site.

'Homies' sweatshirt by Brian Lichtenberg
‘Homies’ sweatshirt by Brian Lichtenberg – £100 from Brown’s
'Aint Laurent' sweatshirt by What About Yves
‘Aint Laurent’ sweatshirt by What About Yves – $62 from What About Yves

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