Ancient Greek Sandals

My apologies for the lack of posting yesterday and for what will be a short post today. I woke up yesterday to find out that I had become three of the seven dwarves; Sneezy, Wheezy and Sleepy. I am still struggling with the lurgy but will hopefully be back on form and posting properly soon.

Ancient Greek Sandals is a company based in Greece and they make some of the most gorgeous summer sandals I have ever seen. Each pair is handmade from high quality leather and there are lots of designs and colours to choose from on their site. Of course the ones I want are silver, but they also have wings on them! How happy would I be to walk around with wings on my feet this summer? Much happier than I am now that’s for sure.

Ikaria Silver Sandals - €150.00
Ikaria Silver Sandals – €150.00
Ikaria Silver Sandals – €150.00

3 thoughts on “Ancient Greek Sandals

    1. Henry, my attitude towards fashion has always been “dress for yourself because other people don’t dress for you”! If you like ’em, get ’em, silliness bedamned!

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