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If you’re heading to London in the near future you should definitely take a trip down Regent Street as & Other Stories, a new high street shop, has opened a branch there. Judging by the well priced gorgeous clothes on the website it would be high on my list of shops to visit in London! I reckon it’s the kind of place you could walk into with £300 and come out with some directional quality pieces that would revolutionise your wardrobe.

& Other Stories is a new brand from high street giants H & M. It’s a store with a different concept; it’s not about must-have items or trends, but instead about the fashion stories women are creating themselves. “We went to different cities and looked at how the impact of social media, street style and bloggers has made women more fashion savvy,” said creative director Sara Hilden-Bengtsson. “Women create looks differently than they did 10-15 years ago. They create their own stories through their personal style and they know fashion.”

So far the website doesn’t ship to Ireland and there are no plans to open a store here, but when I tweeted them they said that they plan to expand their shipping to other countries soon. Fingers crossed!

Below are some of my favourite items from the site. As always click on the pics to see the items on the original site.

Abigail Lorick sweatshirt - £39
Abigail Lorick sweatshirt – £39
Laser cut scuba jacket - £65
Laser cut scuba jacket – £65
Open back crepe dress - £65
Open back crepe dress – £65
Mesh tank - £25
Mesh tank – £25
Spike Heeled Pumps - £79
Spike Heeled Pumps – £79
White leather pumps - £95
White leather pumps – £95
Oversized leather clutch - £95
Oversized leather clutch – £95


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