Anastasia Radevich

Anastasia Radevich is a unique artist working in the world of shoe design. Of Belarus origin she now lives and works in Montreal, Canada. She graduated from the London College of Fashion and then spent a few years working in footwear design with Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood. When she opened her own label Anastasia decided to focus on footwear as art. As a result she has created some of the most extraordinarily beautiful sculptural shoes I have ever seen.

Radevich uses leather, suede and plastics with modern techniques such as 3D printing. It is the details that set these shoes apart; like the blue galaxy inside the black boots from the Kinetik collection which I have featured below – the galaxy inside the mesh part of the boot lights up at the touch of a switch; or the plain vertiginous black boots which on closer inspection have “This Will Destroy You” in black glitter on the heels.

Radevich does not create practical footwear for the shy and retiring. These shoes are stand out pieces; works of art that are as equally at home being displayed on a shelf as they are being worn.

"Lost Civilisations" collection
“Lost Civilisations” collection
"Lost Civilisations" collection
“Lost Civilisations” collection
"Lost Civilisations" Collection
“Lost Civilisations” Collection
"Lost Civilisations" collection
“Lost Civilisations” collection
“Dreamfall” Collection
"Kinetik" Collection
“Kinetik” Collection

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