Celebrating The Multiverse’s 1000th post!

Three years and four months and here we are at my 1000th post. I’d like to thank The Academy…

Blog posts are not like children; you are allowed to have favourites. My favourite posts from the Multiverse archives over the last three years include: the series I’ve done on Writers On Screen, a series that I looked for online, couldn’t find and so I created it as a resource for other nerds like me; the post I did on having Clinical Depression, and the one I did on the death of Amy Winehouse, both of which talk about mental illness; one of the first posts I did which was about the insane phenomenon of Taxidermy Championships; an explanation of why I can never watch horror movies; the post I wish everyone would read; an update on the fates of various Fairytale characters; and a post on my history in scent.

Today I thought I’d share a bumper post of links and sites I’ve found recently that might make you think, laugh and appreciate life a bit more. Hopefully this will provide some entertainment for you over the weekend. Have a good one!

1. I love Helen Anne Petersen’s blog Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style which dissects celebrity gossip with an academic slant. Two favourites are her articles on Denzel Washington’s brand image and on the public perception of Beyonce as a feminist.

2. You know how much I love disaster movies, right? I have a morbid interest in natural and manmade disasters (Air Crash Investigations being an old favourite of mine) – I think it’s because I might learn something that could save me in the future. This article from The Atlantic archives on the MS Estonia ferry disaster is compelling and very well written, showing through survivor testimony and official and unofficial reports, the domino effect of bad decisions that lead to utter chaos.

3. Natalie Hartley Wears is one of my favourite fashion blogs in recent months. Hartley is the Senior Fashion Editor at InStyle magazine and every week she takes a theme and shows three ways to wear it. I love her style and the lo-fi, unpretentious and ego-free photos she uses to illustrate it (such a welcome relief from the 43 beautifully airbrushed pics of the same outfit that so many bloggers bore me with).

4. This DIY project from Design*Sponge is magical and something I intend to do at some point in my homeowning life!

5. Zara can do no wrong at the moment. I went in there last week and found about 6 things I loved in the space of 5 minutes including this rather fabulous necklace which I’m treating myself to next week!

6. This article from Buzzfeed on historical doppelgangers is unreal. Did you know that Glenn Close looks like George Washington’s long lost sister?!

7. The Holi Festival takes place this year on March 27th. I’ve never really wanted to go to India but these pictures might make me change my mind.

8. Mougins is one of my favourite places in the world and this house would do nicely as a holiday home!

9. Rockett St. George is one of my very favourite interiors shops. Every time I go on the site I always find amazing design items, lighting and furniture. A recent visit saw me falling in love with this which would do nicely in my bathroom!

10. Lastly this video is well worth taking 20 minutes out of your day to watch. It explains “overview effect” and the life altering experiences astronauts have had when viewing Earth from space. It contains beautiful imagery of our fragile planet and it’s a thought provoking and moving film.

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