Amazing Maje!

I was in BT2 last week having a pointless browse (pointless because I was recently reduced to tears by an Airtricity bill which should tell you exactly how much spare cash I have right now) when I found myself drooling over a label which hadn’t really been on my radar before now. Maje to be exact.

Maje is a Parisian label from Moroccan-born designer Judith Milgrom which was launched in 2004. Since then it has become a staple of many fashionistas wardrobes. This season they are doing lots of metallics which, surprise surprise, I am in love with. This combined with their otherwise neutral palette for Spring Summer 2013 and lots of gorgeous leather pieces means that the label is now on my lust list!

You can buy from Net a Porter, Maje’s own eshop or in BT2.

Picture 5
Silver Jeans
Picture 4
Bob Metallic Trainers
Picture 3
Audace Bomber Jacket
Picture 1
Albania Silver Top
Picture 2
Silver asymmetric dress with sequins
Picture 6
Silver Sequin Jacket

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