Dual careers: DJ slash writer.

My Dad asked me recently if I would still DJ when (I love his positivity) I get a publishing deal. Having thought about it, the answer is definitely yes for a number of reasons. Firstly, I would probably have to still DJ! Advances these days are usually small and certainly not enough to live on, therefore writers must supplement their income by way of reviewing, writing magazine articles, or any other opportunities that arise.

Secondly, writing is a very solitary job. Unlike people who work in an office and can interact with actual human beings every day, a writer spends their day alone, in front of a computer, often talking to themselves, and inventing lives for imaginary people. When it gets to early evening and I’ve spent a day writing, I often crave human company. I also live alone which doesn’t help matters! DJing is the perfect job for me as it gets me out of the house, I get to have chats and laughs with lots of people and get paid!

Thirdly, you see a lot from behind the decks and that can inform my writing. I’ll often come home after a gig and jot down incidents I’ve seen on the dancefloor, characters that fascinate me or comments that I’ve overheard. It can be a useful resource for my imagination.

The ever interesting Robert McCrum wrote an article on this subject last year in the Guardian which details some of the jobs writers have had in tandem with their writing careers. Fascinating stuff.

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