Push The Sky Away – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I’ve loved Nick Cave ever since I first heard Henry’s Dream aged sixteen in 1992. I was mostly immersed in grunge music at that point and the raucous punk/blues vibe of the band combined with Cave’s dark lyrics blew my tiny mind. One of my favourite albums of his was Murder Ballads; each song was a story and the listener was hanging on every lyric to find out how the story ended. The stand-out track on the album for me was The Curse of Millhaven, a song about a fifteen year old female psychopath responsible for serial murders in the town of Millhaven. Read Cave’s phenomenal lyrics for this track here – sheer genius.

Push The Sky Away is the band’s 15th album and will be released on 18th February. The Guardian has an exclusive stream of the album available on their site which I have been listening to today. It’s a slow thoughtful album with beautiful melodies. Let’s hope the band will be touring in support of the album – I’d love to see them play an intimate venue like Vicar Street.

Nick Cave is interviewed on The Works on RTÉ One tomorrow night, February 14th.



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