La Bougie

Scented candles are a luxury I love to indulge in. I’m always restocking plain pillar candles for my house (I think the best ones are from Dunnes by the way – they burn well and are great value) and the odd time, when I have spare cash, I like to buy a pretty scented candle for my bedroom. Cire Trudon (established in Paris in 1643 and one of the oldest and most prestigious candle makers in the world) are probably my favourite although one nearly needs to remortgage one’s house to stock up on those bad boys. I also adore Voluspa candles – the tins are so pretty that they can be repurposed afterwards as containers for make-up brushes, Q tips, and the like.

I recently heard about La Bougie, a company in West Cork that make beautifully packaged and deliciously scented candles. The candles come in three sizes; valise (perfect for travelling), salon and longere. They seem very reasonably priced and you can buy online through their website or from various stockists around Ireland. I’m definitely going to hunt one of these down as I believe in supporting Irish businesses and I’d love to try the range. Rockrose and Oudh sounds perfect as a boudoir scent!

Winter Range 2012
Rockrose and Oudh Salon Candle
Cox and Carnation Valise Candle


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