Kallisti by Marios Schwab

London based designer Marios Schwab has collaborated with ASOS to launch his first line of lingerie called Kallisti (which translated from Greek means “for the fairest”) and some of the pieces have hit the site just in time for Valentine’s Day. The collection is comprised of 40 pieces and by my count we have less than half that on the site so it’s worth bookmarking to see when the rest of the line lands.

So far the pieces are made of mesh and in three colours; mustard, coral and black. My favourite pieces by far are the amazing spider web bra and matching knickers (the standout items in terms of design, in my book), and the Bardot body, both of which are going on my ASOS “saved for later” page!

Spider Web Underwired Bra
Black Bardot Body
Perspex Trim Taffeta Bra and Knickers
Soft Triangle Bra and Double Strap Knicker
Coral Bardot Body

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