Style Inspirations – Laura Bailey

You can see from looking through the Style Inspirations archives on the blog that there are some very different people and aesthetics that I find inspiring. I love people who have a great sense of their own style, what suits them and expresses their personality even though it may be very different to my own style. I may not be able to pull off the old Hollywood glamour of Dita Von Teese or Anna Dello Russo’s high octane couture looks, but I still admire their commitment to their signature style and can find inspiration in the details.

Laura Bailey is the quintessential English eccentric. She looks like a grown up version of Alice in Wonderland; blonde hair, creamy complexion, and a classically beautiful face. Bailey first garnered media attention due to her relationship with Richard Gere and has since been a model and writer, most notably for Vogue. A muse and friend of many designers, Bailey can often be found front and centre at Fashion Week, and is a brand ambassador for Chanel.

Bailey’s style is almost antithetical to my own. Lots of colour and lots of print! She is an expert at clashing prints and pieces that shouldn’t work, but she makes it look easy. She has an artist’s eye for colour and often combines unexpected hues to great effect. And of course I covet her hair (which apparently is naturally long and lustrous without the need for extensions!).

At Chanel Haute Couture S/S 2013 Paris
At the Tom Ford London A/W 2013 private dinner (pic by Fashionologie)
At London Fashion Week 2012 (pic by Fashionologie)
Wearing Isabel Marant, London (pic by Zimbio)
Leaving Claridges (Pic by Zimbio)
At Burberry SS2012 (pic by Zimbio)
At Chanel Cruise 2012 (pic by Zimbio)

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